Notification service

In order to use the notification service of Swiss Post, the type (SMS, e-mail) and the corresponding status messages must be selected in the editor or in the template under “notification”.

Possible notifications:


Proof of posting

This message tells your customers that you will hand over their order to us for delivery. The shipment can be tracked online using the shipment number.


Delivery information

This message tells your customers which day the order will be delivered to them.


Collection information

This message informs your customers that their shipment is at the branch / branch with partner or in a My Post 24 parcel machine is ready for collection.


Reminder of recipient

This message reminds your customers that they have not yet picked up their shipment.


Handover status to sender

This message informs you about the status of the shipment (e.g .: delivered, ready for collection, further attempted delivery).