3. Managing transactions

You can manage your transactions directly from within the WordPress backend on the page “WooCommerce > Orders > [Order]“. Prerequisite for using this feature is a valid SSL certificate for the domain of your website.

A new information box will appear on the order edit screen If the payment of the order was done with a payment method from the Datatrans plugin. The box shows the status of the transaction which can be updated by clicking the button “check status

datatrans for woocommerce order admin en

Settle transaction

This button is only visible for transactions that have been authorized but are not settled yet. You can use this action to directly settle transactions without logging into your Datatrans account.


Cancel transaction

Use this button to cancel transactions directly without the need to log into your Datatrans account. Always use this button for refunds and not the WooCommerce button “refund”. Partial refunds are not possible.